Each soft-sculpture below has a brief description, but we are happy to send close-ups, measurements, or anything else you'd like, regarding any piece, just drop us an e-mail...
       Following are already made, One of a kind and/or limited edition, artist created soft-sculpture for sale...

                                          They are priced, but we will always consider your offer!
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If you prefer to specify exactly what you'd like created, this is an option!
Click this link to see some custom, made to order, examples, done for folks, as requested, over the years...                                                       OR for manufactured
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Above is "Sparky" - He is designed after one of the Spark Plug designs done early on in the Steiff program,  He is comparable in size to the typical Steiff small to medium size. All mohair, with felt detailing and blanket.  He has black and white "googlie" eyes.  Asking $135.00
"Gone Fishing" Made with recycled real beaver fur from a coat, and real other natural items such as rocks, sticks etc.--He has felt and hard sculpted detailing, along with suede and leather scrap detailing-his rainbow trout fish is leaping from the stream, and hand painted on leather.  $325.00
* typically using all natural, and/or recycled materials,  E has been featured on Denver news, galleries, & more, because of the unique material use, and quality of design!
"Miss Hiss" is all velvet with floss details and glass eyes.  Inspired by Steiff Hissy cats...E has done this design in many different materials, sizes, details etc. And can do that again if you like... mohair instead of velvet or something else...$45
These next four are all made of suede and leather scrap, stuffed with lint, and detailed with other natural things as stated below....
"Ship 'o' Snails" on a real piece of driftwood, real snail shells, suede scrap bodies, with different antenea, and eye detailing.  This piece can hand on the wall or sit on a table as pictured $115
"Dragon" stands on a unique purplish color rock, guarding a cluster of amethyst crystals, while clutching one in his left hand $125
"Bird on a Rock" is on a real rock and was inspired by the Rocky mountains.  The tree clings to the rock with much of the roots showing which is something often seen in the mountains on the roadsides!   $85
"Birdie" is an ostrich made of all suede scraps with posable wings $65
Available but not shown/ listed yet:
- Suede black panther crawling down a tree- stand or hang $125.
- Suede Klondike and Snow polar bears, leaning over a blue, real agate slice pool $275
(this pair were a feature exhibit when Denver's baby Polar bears were celebrities at the zoo.
  E. has just decided to let this piece go from the private collection!)
- Mohair (similar style mohair to "Bill" possum above) studio ferret weighted stuffing for a real feel and more! $100
* Many other animals and even a creation of Adam and Eve reaching for the apple!  We also have a series called "Man with no Face"
  of a little abstract fella under a tree in each season. 
E-mail for pics and info or with any other request or inquiry!
"Bill" is a baby possum (lifesize), jointed head and back legs, wired tail and front legs for posing.  Glass eyes, floss detail, mohair $95
"lily" -a mohair rat, with albino glass eyes, pink floss details, felt ears, legs, and tail, a squeeze voice, and excelsior stuffed $65
"NESSIE"- made of mohair and    leather; Her flippers, tail tip and underside are leather. And stuffed with lint. she has Floss detailing and  green glass eyes.  She is wired so can be somewhat posed.     
Her voice works when she is      shaken, Asking $125              

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